Mine water treatment

Our unique HiPRO™ Mine Impacted Water product range encompasses products that are rapidly deployable, have the ability to expand and adapt as the water treatment requirements change, as well as larger fixed-capacity plants that are designed to handle a variety of feed waters from a range of different mining areas. In addition, we also offer brine treatment solutions where a brine stream is necessary due to specific feed water chemistry in a region.


Nafasi Water’s HiPRO™ (High Recovery Precipitation, Reverse Osmosis) product allows high water recovery from complex waters emanating from mine impacted waters. Depending on the feed quality, and product quality requirements, recovery is in the region of 98% – 99.5%, where at times the only liquid to leave the plant is the moisture in dewatered sludges. With various awards, this process has gained international recognition. These include a gold medal by the South African Institute for Engineers, a Mail & Guardian’s Greening Future Award and the sustainability category of Nedbank Capital’s Green Mining Awards. The project was also recognised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2011 as one their Lighthouse Projects in the Momentum for Change awards at COP17.

Nafasi Water has designed, built and operated four HiPRO™ plants on a large scale – each time showing the robustness of the process. Our HiPRO™ product comes in three forms:

HiPRO - Lite

The HiPRO-Lite product is aimed at smaller mines that do not treat large volumes of water. The plant is designed to treat up to 2.5Ml/d, in a manner that allows for the lowest possible CAPEX, while still being able to deliver the robust HiPRO™ process.
Water recoveries range from 98-99.5% recovery from Mine Impacted Water to potable quality.

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Expandable and Adaptable.

Realising that many of our mining clients were uncertain about water quality or quantity of water to be treated (based on a sampling regime over a period), Nafasi Water developed HiPRO-X to bridge the issue between expected water, and actual medium-term requirements. HiPRO-X is the forerunner in our Expandable Plant technology, allowing a smaller plant to be implemented and operated for a period of time while pumping regimes are established throughout the mine. Once there is certainty on actual requirements, capacity can be increased without added operational complexity.

Ideally suited for plants in the region of 2-15Ml/d, HiPRO-X is able to achieve the class leading water recoveries that have made the HiPRO™ product world renowned. These range from 98-99.5% recovery from Mine Impacted Water to potable quality.

HiPRO Regional

Our HiPRO™ regional solution allows expansive mines to send high volumes of water from various different regions to a centralized treatment facility. These are large-scale, robust plants from 15Ml/d; where the largest current installed plant is 50Ml/d.

Brine Treatment Solutions

Treatment of water using Reverse Osmosis technology has proven extremely effective. However, even with HiPRO™ technology, many feed waters cannot be treated to zero brine. The final reject produced has typically been stored in brine evaporation dams with the expectation of efficient natural evaporation. In practice, however, natural evaporation is not sustainable for long-term operation. Coupled with space constraints in new plants, the costs of brine dams and the reluctance of environmental authorities to approve the construction of new brine dams, Nafasi Water aims to provide more efficient methods of dealing with brine.

The treatment technologies considered currently fall into two categories:
  • Freeze technology
  • Evaporation technology
We believe that water treatment systems need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Thus, we employ a variety of solutions developed for situations where they are most effective:
  • Multiple Effect Steam Driven Evaporator to treat the entire brine stream;
  • Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporator to treat the entire brine stream;
  • Reverse Osmosis Brine Reduction and smaller Multiple Effect Steam Driven Evaporator;
  • Reverse Osmosis Brine Reduction and smaller Mechanical Vapour Recompression Evaporator;
  • Freeze Crystallisation to treat the entire brine stream;
  • Reverse Osmosis Brine Reduction and smaller Freeze Crystallisation system.
Nafasi Water is well-equipped to advise you on the best solution or combination of solutions for your needs. For instance, evaporation technology often gets rejected due to the higher upfront capital costs in favour of freeze technology or no solution at all. However, the long-term operational cost benefits, coupled with performance security from suppliers, far outweighs the lower upfront capital costs of freeze technology. Optimised evaporation systems using waste energy or solar energy are also being developed that can have far cheaper lifecycle costs than newer technologies.


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