Our Community

Clean water, wherever we leave our footprint.

Our CSR vision

At Nafasi Water, we believe that sustainable development is imperative. This core ethos has led to our commitment to build social and environmental awareness throughout stakeholder communities with our social responsibility programme.

We realise that corporate social responsibility brings about positive change, striving to conduct our business in a way that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our focus is on education – educating communities and stakeholders on the importance of clean water, environmental responsibility and sustainability. However, we plan to expand our reach beyond water education to offer support to children’s schools and technical universities.

Acting responsibly is at the heart of what we do; ensuring the impact of all activities on communities, employees, partners and stakeholders, and well as on the surrounding environment, is positive. We aim to uplift and develop the communities impacted by the industrial and municipal projects that we are involved with by providing cleaner technologies, minimal waste and ensuring clean water wherever we leave our footprint.

We are a proudly black-owned BBEEE company.

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