Precious metal and reagent recovery

Acid mine drainage (AMD) water arising from coal, gold, uranium and platinum mines is a major threat to the environment. If treated correctly, this water can be transformed into potable water, while allowing the possibility of concentrating and recovering high value minerals which are ordinarily dissolved in the water stream.

Through advanced reverse osmosis treatment, Nafasi Water provides permanent or short-term solutions to the mining industry by converting heavily polluted water into a re-usable resource, at recovery rates in excess of 98%, often achieving zero brine.

Specialised membrane design using the latest Nano-filtration technology allows the concentration of precious metal leach solutions so that the sizing of downstream precipitation equipment can be reduced drastically. The technology also allows economically viable precious metal recovery from solutions with low concentrations.

Our acid recovery skids allow acids and other chemicals to be re-used due to specialised membrane applications that utilise high and low pH resistant material.


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