Nafasi Water has placed a large emphasis on the consolidation and understanding of plant data.

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Nafasi Water has placed a large emphasis on the consolidation and understanding of plant data. With a wealth of knowledge contained in membrane operational data, spanning over 28 years, we understand how membranes operate when exposed to conditions which cannot be considered ’business-as- usual’ – and can recommend a specific course of action to manage the exposed risk.

Through the effective utilisation of our SIGMA Ops monitoring and control system (developed in-house), Nafasi Water operates four large-scale membrane plants, all of which have very difficult to treat and challenging feed waters. With SIGMA Ops analysis, we are able to understand how long membranes should last with feed water quality and available pre-treatment, and constantly provide monitoring and feedback to get them to that life-expectancy. Through effective monitoring and control, downtime is reduced, and the risk of irrecoverable membranes prevented.

SIGMA Ops services

We now offer any plant (including those not specifically operated by Nafasi Water) a monthly subscription option to the same SIGMA Ops system that we utilise on our Operations & Maintenance contracts. The plant’s membrane and pre-treatment data can be sent through to Nafasi Water (in a specified format based on platform requirements). This allows our clients to login in to a SaaS dashboard (online software as a service) to regularly access performance information and operational advice that comes from the consolidation of data and insights.

Access to SIGMA Ops provides the following benefits:

  • Defining safe operational points for long-term membrane operation
  • Predicting, and continually improving membrane life
  • Inbuilt performance management for operational teams
  • Simplified reporting for management use
  • Platform capabilities for sharing operational expertise
  • Membrane replacement management – Just-In-Time (JIT) logistics


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